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Medical Cable Assemblies UK

Do you want to utilise medical cable assemblies in the UK? Here at Contour Electronics, we specialise in providing electronic solutions to clients not only in the UK, but across the globe. This has allowed us to support many clients on numerous electronic projects across several industry sectors. Due to our experience and knowhow of materials, we are capable of providing bio-compatible materials which are suitable for sterilisation and cost effectiveness. We can provide electronic manufacturing services, medical cable assemblies, integration, flexible circuits and connectors.

With our manufacturing capabilities in the UK and across the Far East, we are able to offer cost effective and flexible manufacturing services to best match your needs. All of the cables we create can be personalised to reveal logos, labels, colours and jacket printing to ensure your cabling is bespoke. All work can be carried out in our Class 7 clean room, which is suitable if your item needs to meet exceptionally high cleanliness standards.

Our technically trained account managers will work with you along every step of the way, assisting you with the design and development of your interconnect system. Our products will remain effective for the duration of their life. From medical cable assemblies to single-use cables, we will always exceed your expectations.

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