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Micro Connectors for the Toughest Environments

Do you need a reliable supplier of high performance micro connectors?

This type of connector offers obvious benefits when it comes to saving space, but they are also extremely durable and difficult to connect backwards.

Along with our cable assemblies, Contour Electronics can offer all types of connectors, including both standard and bespoke products for a wide range of applications. We supply both micro strip as well as circular push / pull plastic and metal connectors for our clients throughout the UK and Europe.

Our interconnect solutions include micro connectors which are ideal for tight-fitting environments, including Plastic Circular Nano Miniature Connectors.

Contour Electronics are authorised suppliers for both Ulti-Mate and ODU, who can supply the right connectors for your project. Ulti-Mate are a Californian company who have been producing world-class micro miniature and interconnect solutions since 1977. They specialise in customised micro connectors for even the most demanding environments.

ODU is a German-based manufacturer whose products are also used in more demanding environments, including the army and the high technology medical market.

Our products include Plastic Circular Nano Miniature-D Connectors which fit fours times the connectors in comparison to the circular Micro-D.

For more information on our micro connectors, simply get in touch today.

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