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Micro Connectors

Are you looking for cable assembly products or interconnect solutions? Do you need a cost effective solution which meets your application needs?

Micro connectors and customised connector solutions are a specialist area for Contour Electronics. Connectors need to meet certain reliability and performance standards, while high reliability industries, such as aerospace, require nothing but the highest quality interconnect solutions.

We offer a wide range of connectors, and we will always work to your exacting specifications. Perhaps a standard connector system meets your application needs? Or perhaps you need a highly-customised solution? Whatever your project requirements, we will make sure you have the right connector for it.

Partnered with Ulti-Mate and ODU, we can produce Micro connectors and Nano-D connectors, among others.

Offering a variety of solutions including flexible circuit products and cable assemblies for the medical device industry, our experience and dedication to product reliability sets us apart. Let Contour Electronics take care of all your interconnect product needs.

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