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Over-Moulded Cable Assemblies

Do you need to a reliable manufacturer of custom over-moulded cable assemblies? This type of cable assembly can withstand even the harshest and most demanding conditions and is excellent for more sophisticated applications.

At Contour Electronics Ltd our core competencies include integrating mechanical components into over-moulded designs and PCBA integration.

Our company been specialising in cable assemblies for over 20 years and have an advanced Class 7 clean room, to ensure the highest standards of quality and cleanliness for your products.

From the initial design concept through to the finished product, Contour Electronics will provide exceptional support throughout the production of your moulded cable assemblies. Our team always strive to meet the most exacting requirements and design and manufacture products a range of cable assemblies in-house.

We offer industry standard connectors and wiring which are extremely discrete. Our selected partners include Ulti-Mate Connectors, a respected and valued supplier to the electronic OEM marketplace, whose features include metal and plastic shells.

Contour Electronics is committed to maintaining green practices, making us an environmentally friendly choice.

For more information our over-moulded cable assemblies, simply get in touch today.

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