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Need an Authorised Supplier of ODU Connectors?

ODU is a German based electrical connector manufacturer whose connectors are used for a variety of applications, including in harsh and rugged military environments and the high technology medical market.

This family-owned company was established in 1942 which means it celebrates 75 years in business this year, and they’ve recently opened a new production facility in New Mexico.

The brand produces a wide range of connectors, including push-pull circular connectors that are ideal for a number of sectors, along with heavy-duty, modular and printed circuit board connectors.

Offering a wide range of product variety, ODU connectors are ideal for demanding environments where reliability is of the utmost important.

Contour Electronics Ltd are an authorised supplier of ODU connectors and can offer this brand of connector for highly competitive prices. We offer a wide range of connectors ranging from those with a small form factor to a high pin count.

We are also an official European Sales Partner for California based Ulti-Mate Connector Inc, which have been producing world-class micro miniature and interconnect solutions since 1977.

If you need a reliable supplier of ODU Connectors, why not discover more about Contour Electronics today? Or, for more information, email us on

Company registration number: 2773976 | News