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Need Cable Assemblies In The Far East?

Do you need a company that can manufacture cable assemblies in the Far East?

For bespoke design and manufacturing services, put your project in the hands of Contour Electronic Ltd who can deliver complete product lifecycle solutions to meet your unique needs.

Based in the UK, Contour Electronics also have offices and representation in Hong Kong, Germany and Austria, making us ideal for companies which need cable assemblies anywhere in the Far East or Europe.

We manufacture products both in the UK and the Far East, enabling us to offer flexible solutions to a wide range of companies.

Our cable assemblies are designed and manufactured with support from our partners, including German based manufacturer ODU Connectors and Californian company Ulti-Mate Connector Inc, who produce world-class miniature and interconnect solutions.

Our cable assembly solutions include mechanical components integrated with overmold designs, custom coiled cables for dynamic cable assembly requirements, and industry standard connectors and wiring.

Covering a wide and diverse range of disciplines, our cable assemblies can include complex wiring looms, custom jacketed cables, coiling, braided assemblies, and build to print assemblies.

If you need cable assemblies in the Far East, why not discover more about Contour Electronics?

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