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Need A Cable Assembly Supplier In The UK?

If you need a supplier of high-quality bespoke cable assemblies in the UK, Contour Electronics provide a wide range of solutions including flexible circuits and over-moulded designs.

Based in Hook, Hampshire, we can supply cable assemblies to companies all over the UK, working in partnership with our clients to deliver the solutions you need. Our highly supportive team want to take the stress out of bringing products to market.

As a highly experienced cable assembly supplier, Contour Electronics can design and develop interconnect systems of the finest standards imaginable.

Contour Electronics have technically trained account managers who will work closely with you to understand your requirements, along with an in-house cable structure design and manufacture team to bring your designs to life.

We always look to surpass your standards, whether you require anti-microbial cables or custom coiled designs and will work hard to meet you exacting requirements.

If you require cable assemblies for the medical sector, we can offer Clean 7 room manufacturing, so you can be assured of the quality and cleanliness of the product. We can assist with the selection of bio-compatible materials which can withstand sterilization processes such as irradiation, EtO or autoclaving.

We not only have a manufacturing base in the UK but also in China.

Find out more about Contour Electronics as a cable assembly supplier.

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