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Need A Distributor Of ODU Connectors?

ODU is a German based manufacturer whose products are used for a broad range of applications, including security and military use.

If you’re looking for an authorised distributor of ODU connectors, Contour Electronics Ltd can supply this brand of connectors at competitive prices, with our products including their Push-Pull Connectors.

ODU push-pull connectors won’t open until the user pulls back the outer sleeve on the device, ensuring they’re protected against unwanted demating. With their robust construction, this type of ODU connector has proven contact technology, performance and quality even during thousands of mating cycles.

Whether you’re looking for ODU connectors for a harsh and rugged military area, or for the high technology market, Contour Electronics Ltd can supply the products you need to make first-class connections. We are also the European partner of Ulti-Mate Connectors UMI, who design micro and nano miniature connectors and customised solutions.

Since we are partnered with UMI & ODU, we can deliver Micro / Nano-D and micro strip as well as circular push / pull plastic and metal connectors.

If you require ODU connectors are competitive prices, why not find out more about Contour Electronics Ltd.

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