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Do You Need Over-Moulded Cables?

Over moulding can provide extra protection and strain-relief, with this innovative technique inspired by both potting and injection moulding technology. It is used in a wide range of industries, including medical, defence, aerospace and the electronic industries.

At Contour Electronics, over-moulding is just one of the many techniques we can use to produce your cable assemblies.

Cable assembling has been part of our services for over 20 years and we offer a diverse range of disciplines. Along with over-moulding, our capabilities include complex wiring looms, custom jacketed cables, coiling, antimicrobial cable assemblies, and build to print assemblies.

With our ability to integrate mechanical components into overmould designs, you can enjoy custom over moulding to meet your unique needs. Over moulding produces cables which have almost unbreakable protection, shielding for EMC and EMI properties and can be environmentally sealed. It also means you mould in mechanical fixings with far greater ease.

They are also attractive, with the option to over-mould company logos or part numbers. At Contour Electronics, we can customise your cables with colour, logos, labels and cable jacket printing.

Find out more about our cable assemblies today.

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