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Need to Order Cable Assemblies in China?

If you need to order cable assemblies in China, Contour Electronics Ltd manufacture products in the Far East along with the UK and always keen to meet your unique requirements.

Cable assemblies have been part of our repertoire for over 20 years and our capabilities include fully integrated, over-mouldings, complex wiring looms, custom jacketed cables, coiling, anti-microbial cable assemblies and much more.

With our in-house cable assembly team, we can supply what you need without any of the usual compromises. We encompass a wide and diverse range of disciplines, and can easily personalise your cable assemblies if needed.

Highly flexible, Contour Electronics can design and manufacture cable assemblies in accordance with your exact requirements.

Ordering cable assemblies from Contour Electronics couldn’t be easier. Whether you’re based in China or the UK, we will provide you with a technically trained account manager who will work with you throughout both the design and development stages.

If needed, your cable assembly can be manufactured in our Class 7 advanced clean room to ensure you enjoy the maximum amounts of cleanliness.

If you’re based in China, why not discover more about our cable assemblies?

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