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Need To Order Shielded Flexible Circuits?

Shielding techniques can be extremely useful when it comes to reducing electromagnetic interference and delivering a reliable system.

If you need an experienced supplier of shielded flexible circuits, Contour Electronics specialise in the manufacture of innovative electrical solutions and can supply a variety of flexible circuits to clients all over the world, including shielded designs.

Used in a variety of fields, flexible circuits allow engineers to cut down on the overall footprint of a circuit and save significant amounts of space. In short, you can reduce the complexity of a circuit while increasing its reliability.

Indeed, there are many advantages to choosing flexible circuits which offer many performance advantages, such as:

We produce all our products using the latest manufacturing technologies and our flexible circuits range from single-sided/double-sided to complex flex rigid.

Shielding a flexible circuit can be done through various methods and we’re always happy to discuss the different techniques available.

Our thinnest and lightest interconnect available, our Flexible Circuits can come either shielded or unshielded according to your unique requirements; we can also package your circuits ready for automation handling.

For more information on our flexible circuits, simply get in touch today.

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