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Need A Partner For Custom Cable Assemblies?

Contour Electronics is the ideal long-term supply partner for any company needing custom cable accessories in the UK or elsewhere in Europe.

Our products are used in a wide range of industries, including the industrial sector where they’re used in everything from lighting and touch technology to industrial electronics and machine tools.

Our cable assemblies are also popular with the medical device market, OEM customers in communications, and energy suppliers. When it comes to custom cable assemblies for the medical sector, we can design and manufacture cable assemblies using the best bio-compatible and sterilisable materials.

Offering a bespoke design and manufacturing service, Contour Electronics offer a flexible customer-centric, project managed solution throughout your project.

We’ve been at the forefront of electronics interconnect technology since 1992, and cable assemblies having been a part of our offerings that entire time.

Our capabilities include fully integrated, overmouldings, complex wiring looms and anti-microbial cable assemblies. Cable assemblies can easily be customised to meet your needs, whether with colours, logos, labels or cable jacket printing.

For more information on our custom cable accessories, simply get in touch today.

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