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Need Shielded Flexible Circuits For Your Devices?

Do you need a reliable supplier for shielded flexible circuits?

Flexible circuits have been used in interconnecting devices since the 1950s and have evolved to become one of the most important interconnection technologies for modern devices. Today they are used in the most advanced electrical products, including mobile phones, LCD technologies, antennas and laptops.

They allow engineers to make the most of three dimensional spaces, cutting down on the overall footprint of the circuit. Flexile circuits also cost much more than traditional circuits because they can replace several, single circuits.

Providing unbeatable flexibility and reliability, flexible circuits come in many different forms, including shielded and unshielded designs- both of which are available from Contour Electronics.

We offer a huge variety of flexible circuits to reduce complexity while increasing reliability. Providing the thinnest and lighting interconnect available, these types of circuits can save significant amounts of space in your devices, enabling you to make them much more compact.

Our options not only single or double-sided but multi-layered, rigid flex, populated and over-moulded circuits.

Ideal for companies based in the UK or the Middle East, Contour Electronics are dedicated to delivering innovative electrical solutions.

For more information on our flexible circuits, simply get in touch today.

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