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Need A Supplier Of Medical Cable Assemblies In The UK?

Do you need a reliable and innovative manufacturer for medical assemblies and full box electronics?

Contour Electronics specialise in the design and manufacture of over-moulded cable assemblies using bio-compatible materials, sterilizable by autoclave, EO or irradiation. Our team appreciate the high standards required for cable assemblies, where cleanliness, quality and compliance are key issues.

We’ve been incorporating SteriTouch masterbatch into our cable assemblies for several years, which is a useful tool in areas where resistance to biocides is a common problem.

Contour Electronics are renowned for being a highly qualified, expert partner for this sector, supporting our customers through the process of transforming concepts and specifications.

With our Class 7 cleanroom, we can produce medical cable assemblies to the highest possible standards, including single-use, disposable systems, custom mouldings, discrete designs, bespoke cables and encapsulated PCBa.

We also offer contract manufacturing, including Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA), with SMD or Thru-Hole designs, along with a huge range of other options.

Our bespoke cables include: anti-microbial, sterilisable, flame retardant, spiral/curly cables, bio-compatible materials, and high voltage designs. We are always happy to assist with the selection of ISO10993 compliant, bio-compatible materials, along with providing advice at all stages of the process.

If you’re looking for a supplier in the UK, why not read more about Contour Electronics today?

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