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Over Moulded Cables

Have you been searching for a reliable cable manufacturer who can provide bespoke cable assemblies for your component or product? Here at Contour Electronics, we can create an array of cables to suit your needs; one of which includes our ability to design and manufacture over moulded cables.

Overmoulded cables are extremely effective and are primarily used to provide extra protection for a cable or cluster of wires. Cable overmoulding is a process which is the position between potting and injection moulding. We have the aptitude to ensure that overmoulding will work for your bespoke cabling, and we have the resources to offer expert cable overmoulding for an array of industries. We can create very industry specific over moulded cables.

With the support of our technically trained account managers, you will gain the support required to understand your requirements and build your specific cable assembly. We have over two decades of experience in designing cable assemblies, and offer a diverse range of disciplines.

We manufacture cable assemblies in the Far East as well as the UK – enabling us to offer flexible manufacturing dependent on your needs and budget.

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