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Overmoulded Cable Assemblies With PCBA Integration

Do you need cable assemblies which are highly protected and prepared for any kind of strain?

In that case, over-moulded cables could be the solution: this technique is used in a wide range of industries, including medical, defence, aerospace and the electronic industries.

Over moulding provides cables which have almost unbreakable protection along with shelfing for EMC and EMI properties. They will be environmentally sealed and you will be able to mould in any mechanical fixings with far greater ease.

At Contour Electronics, we regularly supply over-moulded cable assemblies to a wide range of clients, including those with PCBA integration.

Cable assembling has been part of our services for over 20 years and we offer a diverse range of products to choose from with the option for bespoke designs. Along with over-moulding, our capabilities include:

With our ability to integrate mechanical components into overmoulded designs, you can enjoy custom over moulding to meet your unique needs.

They are also attractive, with the option to over-mould company logos or part numbers. At Contour Electronics, we can customise your cables with colour, logos, labels and cable jacket printing.

Why not read more about our cable assemblies today.

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