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Professional Cable Integration For Your Assemblies

Have you been searching for a reliable partner to complete cable integration for your cable assemblies? Here at Contour, we have many years of experience in terms of integrating your electronic and mechanical functions within an assembly.

When we come to work with our clients, we offer a service tailored to their exact requirements. We can integrate functionality in your assembly, whether it’s a single component or a complex value added assembly.

Along with our technical experience, we can offer quality packaging of your assembly within overmouldings and ultrasonically welded or screwed or clipped together enclosures.

With any cabling, it’s imperative to implement your own branding or imagery onto your assembly, and this is why we can design and incorporate company logos and bespoke designs. Our accurate colour matching is also an option for personalising your assembly.

Our technically trained team will be with you every step of the way and will enjoy nothing more than giving you a brilliant end product.

Find out more today about our expert cable integration services here at Contour by browsing through the remainder of our website.

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