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A Reliable Supplier Of Anti-Microbial Cables

As a highly qualified, expert partner, Contour Electronics is ideal for manufacturers who need safe, reliable cable assemblies designed to meet their needs, including customers in the medical industry where bio-compatible materials are important.

Contour Electronics have a Class 7 cleanroom which is certified to produce bespoke electronic solutions ideal for the most demanding clinical environments.

We are accredited with ISO9001:2015 and ISO13485:2016 certified by LRQ, and our quality management system demonstrates our commitment to quality in terms of both products and services.

Our huge range of products include Anti-Microbial Cables which are ideal for the medical device industry.

Our Anti-Microbial Cables are made using SteriTouch products which are based on ionic silver, which organisms struggle to develop a resistance towards.

The SteriTouch® masterbatch is only added at the extrusion stage, so it has no adverse effect on the performance of the base material. This makes them ideal for places where resistance to biocides might be a problem.

We can support both low volume/high mix and high volume/low mix projects, and our team understanding that cleanliness is a major factor in the production of medical cable assemblies. Our team can assist with both design verification and validation activities, along with undertaking testing for new and unproven designs.

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