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Save Space With Flexible Circuits

Want to save money and space on your circuits?

Flexible Circuit Technology offers so many advantages to when it comes to cost, reliability and assembly time along with performance, offering exceptional heat dissipation and dynamic flexing. They are highly dependable when it comes to high vibration and controlled impedance.

Weighing much less than other circuits, Flexible Circuits have increased package density and a more integrated design, which means they can be used in a wide variety of fields; they’re used in everything from laptops and mobile phones to LCD televisions.

At Contour Electronics we can help you save space with the thinnest and lightest interconnect method available. Combining flexibility with reliability, our flexible circuits come with many options, including:

Contour Electronics provide flexi circuits for companies all over the UK and beyond, including in the Far East, with our UK base in Hook, Hampshire. Flexi circuits are just one of the many innovative electrical solutions we deliver to our valued customers.

For more information, read more about our Flexible Circuits today.

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