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Save Space With Micro Connectors

Increasing numbers of engineers require smaller connectors which don’t compromise on performance or quality. Micro connectors are ideal for more tight-fitting environments and frequently used for military and commercial applications.

Contour Electronics is ideal for anybody who needs a supplier of micro connectors in the UK.

We offer both standard and bespoke connectors including Plastic Circular Nano Micro Miniature-D which are designed for applications where space is at a premium. Through our partners ODU and Ulti-Mate Connectors, we can deliver Micro/Nano-D and micro strip along with circular push / pull plastic and metal connectors.

ODU connectors are supplied to some of the most demanding global markets while Ulti-Mate have been producing world-class micro miniature and interconnect solutions since 1977.

Contour Electronics are the official European sales partner for Ulti-Mate, one of the most respected and valued suppliers of micro connectors.

Now celebrating over 40 years in the industry, Ulti-Mate design unrivalled solutions for a wide range of market sectors, including military, aerospace & medical.

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