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Are you searching for Cable Assemblies Manufacturers?

With our state-of-the-art facilities and our expert team, Contour Electronics are ideal for customers who need to order custom cable assemblies. Shipping to companies all over the world, we make the process of ordering bespoke cable assemblies extremely simple and straightforward.

During your time with us, you’ll have an expert account manager who will work hard to meet all your requirements and will assist in the design and development of your interconnect systems.

We are a highly experienced manufacturer and distributor who can offer a wide range of cable assemblies, including those with over-moulding and complex wiring looms.

Need to order anti-microbial cables where organic biocides are a problem?

Since we have a Class 7 clean room based in Asia, we are ideal for medical companies looking for cable assembly manufacturers for this industry. We can ensure that all your products have the highest levels of cleanliness and are compliant with all the necessary regulations.

Our team can provide assistance with the design verification and validation activities, undertaking new and unproven designs. We are dedicated to bring your dream designs to life using the most innovative technology.

Whether you require Single-Use, Disposable Assemblies, Custom Mouldings, Discrete Cable Assemblies, Bespoke Cables or Encapsulated PCBa, Contour Electronics provide a huge choice of cable assemblies we supply OEM companies globally.

For more information, simply get in touch with Contour Electronics today.

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