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Our Single Sided Flexible Circuits

Contour Electronics offer a wide range of Flexible Printed Circuit products ranging from single-sided, double-sided and multi-layered circuits to over-moulded or populated flexible circuits.

Our flexible circuits are made using the latest manufacturing technologies and are manufactured in accordance with ISO9001, ISO14001 and TS16949 Quality Management Systems. With the thinnest and lightest interconnect method available, they can save you significant amounts of space.

Single-sided flexible circuits are the most basic of this type of circuit, and can come with a polyimide coverlay added for insulation and environmental protection.

They are ideal for devices which have limited amounts of space or thickness, and for any time you require dynamic flexing applications. Furthermore, single-sided circuits could be suitable if you have unusual folding or forming applications.

If you need circuits that are dependable in high vibration, controlled impedance or dynamic flexing applications, our flexible circuits could be ideal.

At Contour Electronics we can also package your circuits ready for automation handling. We have offices based not only in the UK but China, Germany and Austria.

For more information, read more about our Flexible Circuits today.

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