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Trust In Our Moulded Cable Assemblies And Reliable Testing Services

Cable injection moulding has been an important tool for the electronic world for a number of years with many companies choosing to place more emphasis on this method over assembled cables and electronics. At Contour Electronics we have become a leading moulded cable assembly team who can help to accelerate your application and keep your electronic setup at an optimum level.

We are trusted and chosen for moulded cable assemblies by many companies across various industries and disciplines. This means that our techniques and facilities must always be at the very highest level to cope with the changing needs and requirements of our customers. Ranging from large corporations on the other side of the world to local companies seeking to find the best cable assembly products, our team at Contour Electronics could be ideal.

Why trust our moulded cable assemblies for your setting?

Assurance of quality is the first port of call for any company that we work with. We can respond with our ISO accreditations 9001:2015 and 13485:2016 as well as point them towards our ability to test moulded cable assemblies we have produced to a range of specific needs. We can offer testing and designing for pull, bend, waterproofing, salt pray, fire retardancy and more.

To begin discussing your options with our electronic experts and find out how we can support your premises with our moulded cable assemblies, get in contact with us today.

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