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Trust Our Service For Overmoulded Cable Assemblies

Securing the right connectors for your business has become easier in recent years because of the evolving technology in the industry. The ability to create overmoulded cable assemblies that are protected against fluids, can be used in a diverse range of environments and withstand shock and vibrations has become the norm. However, if you are searching for a team to provide overmoulded cable assemblies suited to a range of applications, it’s important you put your faith in a team like ours.

At Contour Electronics we have been producing overmoulded cable assemblies designed around the bespoke needs of our clients for many years. Our partnerships with leading brands in the business and our dedication to producing bespoke connectors for your specific requirements puts us at the forefront of the sector.

How we tailor the creation of our overmoulded cable assemblies to your precise needs?

Our professionals will speak and discuss the issues or areas for improvement you have identified in your business. To complement this, our team will offer and begin to design a number of solutions that we can apply.

Once you have checked and approved the plans, we can set about creating connector systems for you, such as:

To discover what we can offer your business, speak with us today.

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