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UL Approved Flexible Circuits

Flexible circuits have enabled us to create smaller and smarter devices which aren’t constricted by size and can be increasingly complex. The fact they can be folded and configured into almost any shape or thickness means they provide designers with an infinite amount of options.

Furthermore, they are extremely tough and perfect for devices with high vibrations, or where dynamic flexing applications are required.

At Contour Electronics we can produce a variety of space-saving flexible circuits for systems where space, weight and cost are an issue.

We offer a wide range of circuity configurations, sizes and functions for flexible circuits, including those which are multi-layered, single or double sided, or over-moulded.

With offices based in the UK and Hong Kong Contour Electronics is a global company that can produce flexible circuits for a wide range of industries, including the medical sector. All our flexible circuits are produced in accordance with ISO9001, ISO14001 and TS16949 Quality Management.

We are also committed to maintaining green practices and always consider the environmental impact of our products. Our quality management systems demonstrate our commitment to quality in terms of both product and service offerings.

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