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The Versatility Of Flexible Circuits

Nothing can beat the versatility of flex circuits, whether they are needed for simple applications or a highly complex circuit board. They offer many advantages over conventional systems where space, weight and cost are the issues of the day.

Flexible circuits are used for the most advanced electronic products on the market: from mobile phones to hearing aids, cameras and products in the aviation field. Flat flex circuits can fold into almost any shape thanks to their durability, which is another huge advantage to using this type of circuit.

Do you need flexible circuits that are UL approved, and manufactured in accordance with ISO9001, ISO14001 and TS16949 Quality Management Systems?

Contour Electronics won’t be beaten when it comes to flexible circuits and provide multiple options for anybody looking to purchase this type of product. With our flexible circuits, you can achieve reliable connections without the normal levels of complexity required.

Our flexible circuits range from those which are single or double sided, multi-layered or rigid, to unshielded or shielded, populated or over-moulded.

Our products include the thinnest and lightest interconnect method available, giving you much more room to incorporate other features.

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