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Why Choose Our Professional Cable Assembly Manufacturing

Throughout our years in the electronics sector, we have had to adjust our services to improve the way we cope with developments and technological advancements. During this time, we have spent over two decades providing cable assembly manufacturing which has developed into one of our most trusted services.

At Contour Electronics we are ready to offer you one-off and regular cable assembly manufacturing depending on your needs and the application of your cable assembly. There are a number of reasons why our professional services are trusted across the world and we have listed three below to help you make your decision:

  1. Far East and UK manufacturing: To be flexible to your specific requirement when it comes to cable assembly manufacturing, we are able to use our premises in the Far East and the UK to meet your demands.
  2. Varied product line: We are trusted across a number of disciplines when it comes to cable assembly. From discreet wire or robust assemblies through to fully jacketed and overmoulded styles, we can provide you with the support you require.
  3. Quality assured: We are accredited for our cable assembly manufacturing by ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016. This is complemented by our ability to check the quality of the cable assembly products by pulling, bending, waterproofing or flame retardancy tests.

To discover more about our cable assembly manufacturing and how we can help you, speak with our professionals today.

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