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Wire Harness Assemblies In The UK

Otherwise known as a cable assembly or wiring loom, a wire harness is an assembly of electrical cables of wires which is bound together by straps, cable ties, cable lacing or sleeves.

It offers many advantages over loose wires, including the fact it can be secured against adverse vibrations, abrasions and moisture. Since there are constricted into a bundle, they also create more space and there’s less risk of a short happening.

If you need to order a wire harness assembly in the UK, Contour Electronics can offer a wide range of cable assemblies, from complex wiring looms to coiling and robust braided assemblies.

If needed, your cable assembly can be manufactured in our Class 7 advanced clean room, which will guarantee the quality and cleanliness of the product. We can also personalise your product using a variety of different methods, including colours, logos, labels and cable jacket printing.

We manufacture in both the Far East and UK and encompass a wide and diverse range of disciplines.

Discover more about our cable assemblies today, or if you need to order complex wiring looms, simply contact our team today.

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