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Wire Harness

The use of electronic devices in different areas of industry is increasing, whether it be in the medical sector, communications or energy. A bespoke design and manufacturing service is required to ensure product quality and reliability.

A wire harness, for example, has to withstand temperature changes and abrasion throughout its service life. Are you looking for a wire harness solution? Are you after the best quality products from a leading electronic manufacturing services provider?

Cable assembly has been a main part of what we offer here at Contour Electronics for many years. This includes the manufacture of discrete wire assemblies, braided assemblies, coiling and complex wiring looms.

Our approach is always to work with you to fully understand your specific interconnect needs, designing and developing the products in line with what you want. You might have been let down in the past with electronic cables, but you won’t be let down by us. Our accreditations mean that quality is assured, and we can test your cable assembly to ensure complete satisfaction.

Find a supplier you can rely on. That’s Contour Electronics.

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