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Working With An ISO13485 Accredited Business

We at Contour Electronics are a dedicated team of professionals who understand the needs of the medical industry, as well as the complexities of creating bespoke electronic solutions to problems. No matter what kind of electronic solution you require, we have the means of creating it, and getting it usable in both a competitive and time efficient manner.

Part of what we do at Contour Electronics is creating electronic solutions for the medical industry. Our products are bespoke, designed to solve problems integrating technology into the medical workplace. We utilise our grade 7 clean room to create anti-microbial cables, ready for use within any medical facility.

We also provide assistance for design verification and validation activities, as a means of ensuring the quality of a product or prototype. We’re capable of undertaking all forms of testing for new and unproven designs.

We at Contour Electronics are an accredited ISO13485 business, we understand the ins and outs of the various electronics we work with, and are capable of making connectors, wires, flexible circuits and the like, to ensure that medical facilities have the most up to date technology available to them, all working as intended.

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